Lost in the Atlantic, it extends the deepest secrets. A deliberate silence, among the green of the cliffs and the blue sea of whales, the feeling of a people flows cascading, embellished by hydrangeas, born in the heart of each of the Azores.

The soul ends the song of the Earth, that the wind takes in the chorus who knows nothing. A utopia made reality, where the Man is mixed with the ground and the sky, a pride which leads to infinity where fate leads. A secluded haven that insists on continuing lost in the mist and the whistle of the gulls.

Mother nature, wise and skillful, able to give rise to such a beautiful paradise in the most different corners of the world. The Azores are one of them and we invite you to inspire yourself and to know your circumstances: the landscape, the food, the water sports, customs.

Santa Maria

The Immaculate white of the houses around the green landscape. Giant ladders covered with vineyards down the cliffs to the sea. The extensive beaches inviting to the pleasures of the sea and Sun. Basalt writhing in the multiple curves of a spectacular Baroque façade.

Attractions of Santa Maria, seducing those who enjoy holidays in contact with nature, the pastoral beauty of a quiet life, express hospitality in a welcoming smile.

São Miguel

We are dazzled by us first with the lagoons of serene beauty, poetic. Then the landscape made of green and flowers, vast horizons of land and sea.

São Miguel has more to see, to offer. Monuments that speak of a history of five centuries. The tranquility of the great spaces and the hustle and bustle of the cities. The colorful ancient festivities. Crafts with the authenticity of the tradition. The pleasures of the table. The emotion of sport. For complete vacation.


A World heritage city, born of the sea and the sea, symbol of the new world created by the discovery. The intense color of Empires devoted to the Holy Spirit. The many testimonies of art and history. The watercolour of a landscape made of many Greens as not missing the Rainbow of flowers. Attractions that make the Third a different holiday island.

There is much to see and do in the third. Since a round of golf to plunge into a volcanic caves. The joy and excitement of a street bullfight, to the simple charm of popular architecture. Scuba diving in a pool made of lava and sea to the good taste of traditional cuisine.


The curl soft hills framed by the blue of the sea. The black basalt walls where lush green vines erupts. The white silhouettes of windmills enlivened by Red pointy domes. Color strokes of watercolor alive that is graceful, made even more bucolic by an experience made of tranquility.

Graciosa is also the opportunity to go down to the inside of a volcano. Admire a precious testimony of the art of the Renaissance. Dive through the Rainbow of underwater fauna and flora. To discover the many charms of a small island worthy of the name with which it was named.

São Jorge

São Jorge is an immense Watercolour painted with infinite shades of green. From the pale green of the grass topping the very dark foliage of bushes covering the ravines that plunge vertically into the sea. Is this predominance of green that makes the charm of the island, invites the tours by a landscape which retains primitive beauty.

São Jorge  has much more to offer the visitor. Unusual “fajãs” at the bottom of cliffs. Interesting examples of sacred art of the Azores. Quilting with secular handloom woven patterns. The authentic taste of its famous cheese. For days that stay in memory.


The mountain rises from the sea and grow up through the clouds. Around the blue of the sky and water, the Green patches of the Islands that their dominating height.

This is how the peak, volcanic cone that the hand of man transformed in vineyards and orchards, erupting between the black lava.


The scenic Bay where spans the white houses of the city. The gentle rippling of the hills that rise slowly until almost touch the clouds. The Green, green always present, with wide brushstrokes of blue hydrangeas. Charms of Faial, the island where the landscape seems to embrace who comes in and just let him leave with longing.

Faial is the colorful of the many yachts that make your Garden port of call across the Atlantic. The naked landscape of Capelinhos volcano. The circle of a deep crater covered by vegetation endemic to the island. And, above all, the most stunning natural viewpoint to enjoy the neighboring island of Pico and all the Majesty of the huge volcanic cone born from the bottom of the sea.


The constant presence of green in fresh tints 1000 as the morning light. The brush strokes of turquoise blue lagoons that make you dream. The waterfalls that jump hundreds of meters to the sea. This is the natural frame of flowers. Become even more attractive for the quiet life of the ancient times. The fast spin of grindstones. The crystal clear sea waters rich in fish. The kilometres and kilometres of hydrangeas by highlighting the beauty of the landscape. The delicate transparency of flowers made by human hands.

Visit the Flores Island is to penetrate a world of tranquility, of encounter with nature. Where you feel like a stroll, discover the hidden charms of the always green landscape.


A tiny population of white houses by the sea. Two wonderful Lakes at the bottom of a huge crater. Horizons of a fresh green and smooth. An image of our Lady brought from Flanders. Spectacular and steep paths. So is the Raven, the smaller island of the Azores. Where past and present come together to offer visitors a unique experience, an unforgettable memory.